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9 Best Spy Apps For iPhone 2023

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You may set up complete monitoring on the targeted device using iPhone spy applications. If you wish to maintain a close watch on your kids or aging parents, surveillance apps might be useful. These applications have the potential to rescue lives and return things to normal during crises.

The industry is flooded with iPhone surveillance applications. Therefore, we have carefully selected the best free iPhone surveillance applications after doing our due research. You can keep an eye on activities on the social networks across applications, call logs, and GPS positions using these applications. Most significantly, both the applications and your information are secure. Without further hesitation, let’s explore the best spy apps for iPhone.

Best Spying Apps For iPhone

The reliability, usability, and customer service of spyware apps for iPhone differentiate the excellent from the poor as many of them provide comparable functions.

To assist you in choosing the finest iPhone spy apps for your requirements, we’ve also listed some advantages and disadvantages, price details, and platform compatibility.


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Among the top iPhone surveillance applications, Spyic is the most stealthy and productive. More than a million people rely on it and utilize it to remotely spy on their targets.

Using an iCloud backup, you can snoop on an iPhone using Spyic. Without physically accessing the target iPhone, you may spy on it. It implies that it can operate without a jailbreak.

Using a web browser and Spyic, you may snoop remotely on an iPhone. In order to spy on a target iPhone, you must log into the Spyic dashboard. Once installed, Spyic’s icon is concealed. If someone thinks the software to be too restricting, they may deactivate it, and everything will be wiped from the targeted device.

Spyic starts recording every activities on the target phone as soon as software is installed. All calls, texts, social media conversations, browser history, and a lot more are all included.

You may use the spy software to monitor almost all social media and messaging services, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Line, Telegram, and others.


The lowest option for iOS users is the Premium tier. Three months are $79.99, one year is $129.99, and one month is $49.99.

The Family tier follows, allowing up to five devices to be used simultaneously by numerous people.

The cost is $99.99 each month, $199.99 for three months, and $399.99 for a full year.


  • You have full access to examine iMessages, SMS, and call histories.
  • Live GPS position tracking is available.
  • Checking the browser history is another option.
  • Access to pictures and videos is another benefit.


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Use uMobix to obtain updates on all the activities taken by the target iPhone. The finest spy software for the iPhone is simple to use, so you don’t need any assistance.

Like any dependable and superior monitoring program, uMobix assists you in keeping track of the specifics of the calls sent and received on the targeted device.

Even missed calls will be remotely trackable via the gateway. The amount of information you may get from the area of the call is rather astounding.

The user may also monitor the WiFi connections attached to the child’s device, as well as the contacts, calling and message logs, and browser history.

You may confirm the contact name with their phone number(s) and email address using the Address Book function of uMobix (es).

This iPhone surveillance software also lets you know if a contact has been removed or is still there on the device.

You can keep track of SMS, both incoming and outgoing, with the uMobix Messages app. One of the key selling aspects of uMobix is its ability to find deleted SMS. The uMobix Location function gives you access to the whereabouts of your contacts.

With uMobix’s Display Recording function, you can see screenshots for every social media program your target individual uses. With the aid of this excellent iPhone spy software, you will be provided with all screenshots taken when the person being watched browses Facebook, interacts on Instagram, sends snaps through Snapchat, and so on.


With top-notch performance, uMobix will support all iPhone models and versions.

Additionally, it may be used on a variety of Apple devices, including iPads. Nearly all of this app’s functions are accessible without jailbreaking.


For $29.99, you can receive a month of service with the Basic subscription for iOS.

Additionally, you may purchase a subscription for one month for $49.99, three months for $79.99, or one year for $149.99.


  • Offers to monitor the user’s location.
  • You have access to contact and call history information.
  • Exchanged messages may be seen.
  • It has a Keylogger capability built-in.
  • You can keep an eye on and restrict certain programs.
  • It also offers to monitor social media.



Greatest client service.

Cannot watch Snapchat.

Maximum access to social networks.

Unable to keep track of Tinder and other such dating apps

Requires neither a jailbreak nor direct access to the person’s device.


Access contacts, cameras, contacts history, and more.


Suitable with all iPhone models.



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Another top-notch iPhone surveillance software specifically made for iOS devices is XNSPY. Without your target being aware of it, it enables users to read their text messages, locate their smartphone right now, and keep an eye on their activity.

XNSPY has certain extra capabilities for both parents and employers in addition to the capability to monitor all phone activity.

It can include keeping an eye on social media (such as communicating on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp), getting access to images and videos saved on the device, and tracking GPS position.

In order to follow your children’s whereabouts or locate a misplaced phone, your phone may also be traced using its GPS position. In recent years, more sophisticated capabilities like WiFi logs and social media surveillance have been implemented. The iPhone surveillance software is getting better every day.


One of the greatest mobile phone spy applications for iPhones is Xnspy because of its wide range of iPhone compatibility.

After the release of iOS 15.4.1, several espionage programs lost their competitive advantage.

Just a few espionage applications are compatible with iOS 15.4.1. You may use Xnspy to keep an eye on iPhone activities both with and without downloading any software on the target device (no jailbreak is needed).


It has a very affordable price. It costs $29.99 per month or $59.99 annually for the Basic Edition. The premium version costs $89.99 per year or $35.99 per month.



  • keeping an eye on incoming calls and texts.
  • Chats on Messenger are available.
  • Making use of a keylogger.
  • GPS monitoring.
  • Monitoring of online activities


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mSpy flawlessly works without a jailbreak. This surveillance program has excellent performance and dependability. You may see text messages anytime you want using mSpy without worrying that your youngster will delete the originals.

Any communications your kid sends or receives are sent to your dashboard through the app so you may check them whenever you want. You may even see the pictures and videos your kids text you or email them using mSpy.

You may manage the websites and WiFi networks that your children or the targeted individual can access. You may also see internet history and create alerts if you don’t want your child’s phone to do searches or use phrases you find objectionable.

This spy software for iPhone contains a keylogger function that swaps out the device’s keyboard with one that records every keystroke your kid makes on their phone in addition to monitoring those keystrokes. Even on applications you can’t access directly, it may provide you with a simple method to keep an eye on your child’s social media use.


Apple’s iOS 7 through to iOS 9.1 is supported, and mSpy is fully compatible with iOs when it comes to iPhone compatibility.

Only by downloading and installing the software from their website can an iPhone be monitored.


You must pay $29.99 per month for the basic plan, and $69.99 per month for the premium edition of this iPhone spy software.

On three devices, a family plan costing $359.76 for six months is available.


  • It offers location tracking.
  • It uses the geofencing method.
  • It has social media monitoring and messaging tools.
  • Calls may be tracked and blocked.
  • By limiting websites, you may limit internet consumption.
  • It offers details about WiFi hotspots.



Good technical support.

Maybe pricey.

Watch Whatsapp and Line.

Inadequate monitoring for Skype, Fb, and Insta.

The app is reliable and seldom crashes.

Digital networking activities need rooting.

No jailbreak is necessary.


Access contacts, cameras, contacts history, and more.


Compatible with a variety of devices.


Excellent for parents.



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For iPhones as well as Mac computers, there is a smartphone surveillance program called WebWatcher. You may view emails, conversations and text messengers, social media activities, websites visited, queries made on search engines, snapshots, and more.

There are two methods to deploy WebWatcher. One approach calls for you to install the application immediately on the machine you wish to watch. It doesn’t take long to install. On Macs, Windows-based computers, and smartphones, the software may be used without any risks.

Utilizing the person’s iCloud service is the 2nd technique.

Since the WebWatcher software logs behavior in real time, users may practically instantly access data on your panel.

Whenever a user accesses certain categories of domains or types of specific phrases, WebWatcher will notify you. Additionally, you may register for email alerts that will notify you of all actions on the specified timetable.

A single license is required for each device that has to be monitored. The setup instructions are clear and quite comprehensive.

You should know How To Install Spyware On iPhone?



Track a variety of mobile phone activities.

Wi-Fi is necessary for data synchronization.

Straightforward installation guidelines.


Compatible with both apple and Android.



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EyeZy is one of the most complete iPhone spy applications available on the market today. Despite the fact that private usage is allowed, the corporation primarily markets its services to companies and schools.

Due to its adaptability, the product is the best iOS spy software without gaining access to the target device. You won’t need to worry about that since eyeZy doesn’t need jailbreaking to function. The dedicated iOS version will likely include the following features.

EyeZy also has one of the most attractive user interfaces, making it simple for novices to use. If you have problems using the product, you may always get in touch with them for assistance.

Their customer support is outstanding. For this software, there is no need to jailbreak a device. You can read anything they enter in various programs and websites thanks to the keylogger and snapshot capability that are included in its Keystroke Capture feature.

iPhone keyloggers are excellent since they capture each word written as well as the app it was typed on. Through this function, you can keep an eye on your child’s and partner’s social media accounts and instant messaging.

You can also examine their shared text messages by using the spy software for iPhone’s standard messaging function.


With eyeZy’s iPhone spy app, you can spy on cellphones running iOS, Windows, Android, and Apple. It works best with iOS 11 and later.

Before buying an older model, be sure to talk to their customer support.

It’s possible that you’ll additionally require physical access to the device if two-factor authentication is set.


You may download eyeZy apps for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly cost.

For one, three, or twelve months, this iPhone surveillance software is available for purchase for $47.99, $27.99, and $9.99.



  • Offers to track the exact location.
  • You may see SMS and contact information.
  • You may see your web history.
  • Can evaluate and prohibited applications.
  • Even internally stored files may be viewed.
  • It provides a capability for email monitoring.
  • It offers an ideal social networking app and activity monitoring.

Letest Hacking Industry News


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Without a doubt, FlexiSpy offers the most potent iPhone surveillance program available.

However, this capability has a cost.

The phone MUST be jailbroken in order to work fully.

Additionally, it costs the highest of the listed monitoring solutions.

All the typical capabilities are included, including the capability to examine images and videos delivered to the targeted device, access to stored programs, call records, contact lists, and keystroke software for text message surveillance.

Without initially rooting the targeted smartphone, Flexispy does not let you view the web browsing data or online bookmarks—a capability that most programs do provide in their non-rooting version.

Although you can view WhatsApp conversations, you are unable to directly track the majority of social networking sites. However, the keystroke logger can compensate for this by capturing whatever you enter on the device’s keyboard.

There are certain noteworthy capabilities offered by FlexiSpy that you might not discover in other smartphone surveillance apps. This includes tools including geo-fencing as well as GPS location monitoring.

Its “Extreme” policy’s capabilities are where FlexiSPY really excels. This enables you to capture and live-listen to calls. Using their keystroke recorder, you can also see pretty much anything on the device. The iPhone must first be jailbroken in order to use the keystroke recorder.

When your kid gets an inbound call, Flexispy may notify you and perhaps even decide to capture the call as well as transmit the tape to your panel to enable you to watch it afterward.

Additionally, you have the option to remotely turn on the audio and record any nearby conversations. Additionally, you may remotely enable or disable software that has been installed on the targeted device.

You may select to launch FlexiSpy in secret mode, which hides the program icon and removes any background app activity notifications from the device. This is an additional useful function.

The greater price tag reflects all these added capabilities, but the excellent customer care and more choices might make it a desirable alternative.

Every iOS versions are compatible with FlexiSPY, although jailbreaking the device is necessary first.



GPS positioning and geofencing.

Jailbreak is required for advanced capabilities.

Observe social media profiles.

There are no controls for screen time.

Call recordings, distant camera control, and ambient capturing.


Access your contacts, camera, internet history, and more.

Physical access is necessary.

Compatible with a variety of gadgets.



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Spyzie’s all-in-one iPhone surveillance app and monitoring program has a wide range of capabilities. It now supports iOS 11 on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other devices. The whole range of iOS devices is supported.

It enables you to have remote access to every action taken by your target. Once it has been synced to iCloud, the data is accessible from any location. With Spyzie, you can effortlessly keep an eye on your child’s smartphone use.

With the help of this app’s fantastic phone monitoring tools, parents can easily and conveniently keep tabs on the activities of their children.


However, there are some compatibility restrictions. It can only be used with non-jailbroken devices.


Its cost is perhaps what makes it most appealing. Spyzie is cheaper than its rivals in terms of price.

There are two bundles available right now. It has restricted capabilities and may be purchased in a premium version for $89.99 each year.

This iPhone surveillance software is also offered in an ultimate version. The price of this bundle, which offers complete capability, is $99.99 per year.


  • It enables WhatsApp and other messaging applications to be watched.
  • SMS may also be checked and read.
  • It enables real location monitoring seven days a week.
  • You may see the targeted iPhone’s browsing history.
  • random screenshots of the gadget are taken.
  • It provides a great keylogger choice.
  • Even the call log and contacts are available.
  • With no jailbreak, it operates flawlessly.



Extensive functionality range without rooting.

Persistent stability problems.

Program for monitoring apps in-depth.

Poor performance

Ability to take screenshots remotely.

Inadequate client service

GPS position monitoring and geofencing.

Not a conversation recording.


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The very effective iPhone espionage software Cocospy doesn’t need jailbreaking. It allows you to remotely monitor the iPhone of your victim. You will be able to track calls and whereabouts, get SMS alerts, and do other things with this spy software.

Messages, phone records, and applications may all be seen on an iPhone while its location is being tracked. Cocospy is easy to use and doesn’t need physical access to the target device.

For the majority of folks, this would be a fantastic alternative since you won’t need to jailbreak the iPhone in order to use this iPhone spy software. The app includes additional capabilities in addition to the standard ones that are only available on jailbroken devices.

You can access WhatsApp photos, spy on WhatsApp conversations, and determine the timestamps of talks with this program. Viewing network/carrier detail information, locating the user’s network location, and viewing their IMEI number are all possible with this software.


This software has great compatibility since it works on all iOS devices. Without a jailbreak, it runs without a hitch on a device.


The Cocospy price options are interesting and appropriate. For $49.99 a month, you can receive a premium offer for a single device.

On the other side, a family bundle is available for $99.99 each month.

It supports five different devices. The monthly cost of the business plan, which allows access to 25 devices, is $399.99.



  • The software has an online dashboard and a free demo available.
  • The program tracks an iPhone covertly via the iCloud account.
  • There is no need to jailbreak.
  • Call logs, messages, internet history, media files, calendars, and other data are among the things that may be monitored.
  • Among the social networking applications that you can monitor are WhatsApp and LINE.
  • It provides GPS position tracking in real-time.

Requirements to use iPhone spying apps

iOS spyware programs work by obtaining information from iCloud backups of the target device. This indicates that the program does not need installation on the actual device.

To set up mobile phone spyware on an iPhone or iPad, the following are necessary:

  • The target device must have iCloud backups turned on.
  • On the target device, 2-factor authentication must be enabled.
  • access to the user’s password and iCloud email address.
  • the ability to access the target phone to get the 2-FA verification code

When Must You Break Out of Prison?

Nowadays, the bulk of surveillance applications may be installed without jailbreaking the smartphone. Only if you need the following more sophisticated monitoring capabilities is this step necessary.

Advanced Monitoring Features in the iPhone Spy App.

The following is a list of sophisticated surveillance capabilities that need the phone to be jailbroken to function properly:

  • Acoustic listening
  • Phone call transcription.
  • Telephone interception
  • Transcribe FaceTime calls
  • Transcribe Line calls
  • Call recording on Viber.
  • Filming video remotely.
  • Remote camera triggering
  • Call recordings on WhatsApp.
  • Call recordings on Skype.
  • Recording calls on Facebook.

You must check whether iOS versions are currently jailbreakable if you want these functionalities.

Final Thoughts

The simplicity of use is one of the finest methods to assess iPhone spy apps. Your iPhone spy software won’t be much use if you are unable to make it operate or if you must spend several unpleasant hours attempting to get certain functions to function effectively on the target mobile phone.

Given that most parents have limited finances, price is a crucial consideration. Even though a powerful surveillance program could seem alluring, it is pointless to be enthusiastic about it if you cannot afford it.

We often receive inquiries about free surveillance software. Free surveillance tools are useful, however, they provide EXTREMELY little information. In actuality, the majority of free spy software is so severely constrained that it is basically useless.

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