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Umobix Review


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uMobix Review

In a Nutshell

A provider of cloud-based parental control products is uMobix. IOS and Android phones can use cell phone tracking services. The business was established to help parents manage their kids’ phone usage under 18.

As a parent, you must do everything within your ability to secure your children for as long as possible from the risks posed by inappropriate material, internet predators, and cyberbullying. Although Umobix doesn’t offer a free trial, you may check out their free live demo to get a feel for how the app works and its features.

Parental control apps can help in this situation. You can ensure you always know what your kids are doing on their electronic devices using these kinds of apps: their calls and texts, apps, or online activity.

Although it is a fantastic product with many features, it has certain shortcomings. The good news is that particular abilities are not necessary. It has been specifically created for parents who want a tool to monitor their children’s device activity.




The uMobix highlights have a lot of advantages, but they’re not perfect. The principal downsides are:

You can effortlessly monitor their social media activity with uMobix. Social media can be amusing and enjoyable but can also lead to addiction.

Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are just a few of the well-known instant messaging and social media platforms that uMobix can keep an eye on. With this parental control tool, you no longer depend on your child to tell you what is wrong.

Also,there is no method to contact or request customer assistance for the uMobix Highlights if something goes wrong with your hardware or software.

Why Choose uMobix:

For iOS and Android, UMobix offers several functions. Unsurprisingly, the Android version includes more tasks that are all-powerful enough to crush competing surveillance apps. I appreciate it can track 19 various social media and instant messaging apps and has a spyware scanning tool.

The Automatic Setup function on Android makes installation quick and easy. Giving permission is frequently time-consuming steps in installing a spy app. Thus this dramatically reduces that time.

Without root access, features like SMS tracking, phone history, email, and even Facebook Messenger surveillance were functional.

Why Should Not Choose uMobix:

The Android installation was less demanding than the iOS one. Steps do not always work, and there can be a gratifyingly long waiting period between each one.

The iOS version has far less capability than the Android version. Some features are exclusive to Android, while others are considerably more constrained on iOS. For instance, UMobix for iOS can only track 6 apps, whereas UMobix for Android can track 19 apps.

The distinction can be relatively straightforward for those who are even slightly perceptive. The gadget produces significantly more heat, the battery life is reduced more quickly, and charging is slower.

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Help and Support

1. Email: support@uMobix.com

2. Help and support number +1((678)916-7336

3. Poor and unhelpful UMobix customer service


The monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans are categorized according to the length of time they are valid. These plans have monthly costs of $49.99, $27.99, and $11.66. Since all payments must be made in advance, choosing the monthly plan will cost you $49.99. However, the costs for the quarterly and yearly plans are $83.79 and $139.92, respectively.


Umobix can be detected. Umobix is also a not completely secure tool. You will get distrustful of Umobix because it does significantly affect the phone. It does cause the phone to heat up and use more power. But you can use this to keep an eye on your kids.

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