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FamiSafe Review 2022


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FamiSafe Review

In a Nutshell

FamiSafe is really a nice parental control program that includes both industry-standard functions and some fun additions, is simple to use, significantly improves the built-in family controls for different devices, and includes cost-effective plans with a 7-day cashback guarantee.


FamiSafe has several really good features. The vehicle monitoring is indeed a special addition . Location tracker and geofencing functions are also excellent.


But there are a few aspects of FamiSafe that we don’t like. The display time restrictions on Chromebooks are simple to get around, the web classifier doesn’t always restrict inappropriate websites or conditions, the app observing functionality claims in being able to monitor applications like TikTok or YouTube though didn’t function during our checking, and the event reports are justly basic.



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Its position tracking plus geofencing capabilities are some of the finest on the marketplace, and its information filtering capabilities are decent (however they might not always prevent objectionable content).


FamiSafe, unfortunately, has far too many drawbacks to be regarded as the top parental monitoring software in 2022. The Chromebook’s display time limits should be enhanced, the application monitoring is broken, and this is missing crucial functions like calling and SMS tracking.

Why Choose FamiSafe?

Their Activity Report might pique your attention if you have ever asked what your youngster does during the day while using their phones. This offers a live analysis of each application utilized and the duration of each application’s activity.


With FamiSafe, parents may have peace of mind regarding unsuitable webpages and screen dependence without worrying about where your child is. The software has accessibility to the device’s GPS and may provide real-time information as well as a position history so you can check where they have been.


You may establish a speed restriction so you can be sure your child isn’t driving too quickly while they are behind the wheel alone or with companions. The main drawback is that you may only select one speed restriction; as a result, it only alerts you about highway violation.

Why Should Not Choose FamiSafe?

FamiSafe perhaps isn’t the best option if you’re searching for a fully complete parental control tool that allows you to delve deeply into your children’s online life because it excludes a few essential functions.


You cannot listen in on their conversations. The fact that you can’t interpret all of their chat applications is another crucial element they overlooked. Given how heavily these chat applications are used by kids nowadays, it should be a serious problem if they cannot be tracked. Furthermore, you are unable to view the images in their collection or those they have shared, even any that have been removed.


It is impossible to trace or monitor social networking applications or messaging on iOS. Phrases are not flagged.

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Help and Support

The customer service provided by FamiSafe is rather decent; it provides chat feature, email, phone assistance, and an electronic knowledge base.


The phone assistance for FamiSafe might be improved. It gives a general phone number run by Wondershare, its parent organization of FamiSafe, despite operating telephone service in the Us, Asia, as well as Europe and providing 24-hour telephone assistance during the week.


Once we approached Wondershare, we would have to search throughout a menu of several product categories before I located FamiSafe because they sell 23 distinct products. Navigating the many categories to find a FamiSafe professional rapidly became difficult.


FamiSafe does not have a free edition, however you may test it free for 3 days using a few limited features before making a purchase. You can subscribe to such FamiSafe Premium edition if you wish to utilize the service to its fullest extent or for any period of time greater than 3 days. All of the features highlighted in this FamiSafe analysis are included in this edition.


The short FamiSafe demo is a problem for many customers, according to several FamiSafe ratings on Play Store. It isn’t long enough to adequately test the strategy.


The monthly package has a monthly charge of $9.99, while quarterly package is $6.66, as well as the yearly package is $4.99. Based on the membership you select; you can keep an eye on approximately to 30 smartphones.


From our review, FamiSafe is not recommended as this lacks the main feature of tracking messaging apps. The app’s limited free trial time and absence of chat tracks are its most significant flaws. Alternatively, you can use iTechwares app.

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