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Hire a Hacker; All You Need to Know

Hire a Hacker; All You Need to Know

Hire a Hacker

It is now obvious that the hacking industry is here to stay, there is no question about that. This is a big moment of change for the hacking business, as ethical hackers are now recognized as legitimate hacking service providers. And guess what? The demand is actually here to stay!!!

The hacker-for-hire industry first gained international recognition in a newspaper headlines in 2014. This was when an Italian firm hacking team was accused of selling its “untraceable” spyware to dozens of countries without regarding human rights or privacy violations.

Rent a Hacker for Hire; The Revolution

Since the world’s eyes got opened to the global hacking industry, powerful tools that are capable of breaking into cell phones and computer are being bought and sold on the dark web and mainstream internet. The industry’s first set of customers were a small set of countries eager to project power around the world through the internet.

The industry has really evolved and is now more complex today. Many individuals and more countries now pay for the instant capability to hack their targets both internationally and within their own borders. Billions of dollars are at play, but there is a considerable level of transparency and accountability.

What it Takes to Hire a Hacker

hiring a hacker for hire

How to hire a hacker

The internet is home to a whole lot of products and services up for sale. And that certainly encompasses the area of cybersecurity consulting. From website hacking to DDoS attacks to custom malware to changing school grades, you can buy one of these services from a hacker for hire. But what does it entail for cyber security service or cost to hire a hacker?

Since we mostly lack these hacking skills ourselves, we turn to professional hackers to help us achieve our objective. Finding the right hacker for hire is quite straightforward, all you need is the right information to guide you. You need to be sure the hacker you are hiring will keep your personal and sensitive information safe and anonymous.

Types Of Hackers

The general impression people generally have about all hackers is that they are malicious people, who meet after dark and conspire to steal from innocent businesses. The reality is that there are lots of different kinds of hacker out there. But the truth of the matter is that not all hackers out there are bad.

There are three main types of hackers, The types of hacker are often referred to as wearing different colored ‘hats’, with each one having a different implication for the target. To illustrate, here’s a list of what each kind of hacker does, and what that might mean for your business.

hire a hacker

hire a hacker; 3 types of hacker

White Hat

The Yang to the Black Hat’s Yin, White Hat hackers are the polar opposite of the Black Hat in every way.

Motives: A desire to help businesses, along with a passion for finding holes in security networks.

Aims: To protect businesses and support them in the ongoing battle against cyber threats. A White Hat hacker is someone like us – a company or individual who will help you protect your business. They can help you put effective protections in place, find vulnerabilities and provide solutions to solve them, before other hackers find them. There is even a qualification and organization specifically for them – the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) from the EC Council. They offer hacking services to individual and corporate organizations, these include; email hacking, social media accounts, cell phone hacks, website and database hacks etc.

What That Means for You: A business that is well protected from every angle of attack in the digital world, and ongoing support in case of a breach.

Black Hat

The stereotypical ‘hacker’ – the kind you hear about on the news.

Motives: Financial gain.

Aims: To break into your business and steal bank details, money or confidential data. They usually use these stolen resources for their own gain, to sell on to the black market or to extort the target business.

What That Means for You: Black Hat hackers are at the top of the business risk list. Their methods are varied but basic, so they can be protected against. But if their attacks are successful, the results could be devastating for your business and your customers.

Grey Hat

Nothing in life is black and white, and neither is hacking.

Motives: Personal enjoyment.

Aims: Grey Hat hackers have all the skills of a Black and a White Hat hacker. The difference is, they don’t care about stealing from people, nor do they particularly want to help people. Instead, they like to play with systems and enjoy the challenge of finding gaps, breaking protections and generally just find hacking fun.

What That Means for You: Despite their skill set and the fact that they do break into systems, Grey Hat hackers will rarely do anything harmful. They break into things because they can, and then move on. Grey Hat hackers actually make up the majority of the hacking community, even though it’s the Black Hat’s most people know about.

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Christopher Redus
Christopher Redus
Chris is an information security professional with over 10 years’ experience in building and managing complex security infrastructures. He has contributed to various published papers, spoken at numerous security conferences, and provides security consulting.

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