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mSpy Review


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mSpy Review

In a Nutshell

Choosing a good monitoring app to check your little and close ones can be tricky and sometimes challenging. With MSPY, your worries would lessen. With its adaptable and flexible features, one can use this app at their ease. But with that said, everything comes with its pitfalls along with the benefits it offers.

One has to pay double that for the Basic plan to access the premium features. Also, the refund policies do not work with incompetent customer service that doesn’t respond to the queries.

Contrary to this, it is user-friendly, and beginners can use it without difficulty. Plus, the point is that the app is practically undetectable on the target device.




It accommodates features that are adaptable and functional with multilingual support. To more correctly specify, it’s a parental control app where your kid’s mobile activities are not hidden from you anymore. This app is a great catch for those anxious moms out there to protect them from any potential risk, i.e. cyberbullying and keeping them away from questionable content.

Whereas it holds the drawbacks side by side as mentioned below:


Not being compatible with the target device is its biggest flaw. It requires the device to be rooted and jailbroken before installing them.

Updating issue:

The time consumption for updating can be exhausting for the user experience. At the same time, the app relies on a good internet connection to be available on the target device to access the data.

Bad customer care:

Customers do not receive a timely response. If you call the customer service number, it’s almost impossible to catch them solving their problems. By email or chat, you receive automatic messages, which causes the user’s trust to fall.

Why Choose mSpy:

Suppose you’re looking for a check-in-balance app for your loved ones. This app offers good features and accessibility; however, you can get track of those features by opting only for the premium plan, which is costly. If you don’t favour spending a significant amount on monitoring apps, this isn’t your click.

mSpy also allows you to obstruct specific sites, but it is somewhat browser dependent

Regardless of its flaws, it works in background mode and keeps track of keystrokes. But this feature is only available on Android devices.

Why Should Not Choose mSpy:

The clash with the app comes when people feel the difference in using it on different devices. The app features vary from Android to iPhone. For Android, it needs some time for physical access to the phone to install it.

Moreover, a jailbroken version is no longer available for iOS devices. Resetting it to factory defaults is mandatory before monitoring a jailbroken device.

Furthermore, it requires Android 4.0 or a higher version for its installation. Tracking of apps requires rooting the target.

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Help and Support

Email: support@mspy.com

Customers have faced multiple issues with their support service as they are not responsive.


1.The price varies from the plan one opts for, either Basic or Premium.

2. It starts at $26.99 for the 1-month plan, $59.99 for the 3-month program, and $99.99 for the 12-month project.


MSPY, however, incorporates excellent features, but many of them are available by opting for the Premium plan, which is quite costly. Another drawback is it doesn’t have live phone support and lacks spontaneous customer service. Suppose you’re looking for all the features in a good package checkout prohactive. It offers more features (especially for iPhones) than mSpy, and they offer LIVE phone support.

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