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Net Nanny Review 2022


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Net Nanny Review

In a Nutshell

Net Nanny, which was first made available in 1995, has become a well-known label in the child control industry but doesn’t provide any ground-breaking functionality for the current market. Even worse, its defense has some enormous holes in this. For instance, Net Nanny also does not include text as well as email tracking, making it challenging to maintain a watch out for improper interactions and online abuse.


Having said as much, Net Nanny’s Application Assistant is a useful tool for parents attempting to determine whether an application is risky for children. However, App Advisor remains free, thus using it does not require any Net Nanny subscription.



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Net Nanny


Many parental control options are available with Net Nanny to keep your child secure both online and offline. It offers user-friendly applications, excellent customer support, and cost-effective plans that are covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Its YouTube monitoring tool can’t track activity in the YouTube app, it can’t ban as many iOS applications as top rival Qustodio, and you can’t set time limitations for individual apps, among other shortcomings.

Why Choose Net Nanny?

You have a choice between three site filter categories with Net Nanny:

  • You won’t be notified of your child’s behavior, and they can visit the websites in the category.
  • You will be notified of your child’s activities, and they can browse the websites in the category.
  • Your youngster won’t have any access to the website, and you’ll be notified of the attempt.

You may tailor your child’s online experience based on your parenting style, as well as their age and maturity, thanks to these many degrees of web filtration. For instance, if your child reaches a particular age, you may switch some categories from “block” to “alert.” Based on their most recent browsing history, you’ll be able to gauge the type of discussions you might want to conduct.


Although many parental control programs block pornographic websites, Net Nanny goes a step further and searches web pages for pornographic material in unexpected areas like comments or adverts.

Why Should Not Choose Net Nanny?

Net Nanny is a really bad option for keeping kids safe online if there is no message monitoring.


When a text contains indications about depression, bullying, suicide, violence, or other themes that call for some parental counsel, parental control programs that do include text message monitoring notify parents. Others, such as MMGuardian, display every text communication, regardless of content.


Net Nanny doesn’t provide either technique, so you’ll have to rely on regular chats to learn how your kid is feeling and relating to others.


For each child’s device, Net Nanny doesn’t provide a call history, and there is no method to ban unfamiliar numbers for them. Unless you have access to your child’s phone, you won’t be able to know who they are talking to, how long they are talking for, or when those conversations were made.


Even if it’s better than doing nothing, there are several social media platforms that aren’t included on this list, such as Snapchat and Discord. Only the seven programs mentioned above provide content filtering, which is known as “Protect” in the Net Nanny app. You can only allow or completely prohibit any other social networking applications you encounter.


The new geofencing function of Net Nanny isn’t what you’d expect—you can only set geofencing alerts based on your child’s location history. However, it allows you to view your child’s real-time location and location history.


In other words, before you may receive notifications regarding your child’s arrival and departure, your youngster must visit a location. Whether or not your child has been there before, you may enter an address and set up geofencing using other parental control tools.

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Help and Support

Live chat and email customer service are also available from Net Nanny. It has a comprehensive FAQ page as well, but unlike Qustodio, it lacks tutorials or guidelines for troubleshooting.


Overall, Net Nanny’s customer service is quite excellent, but it might be a little better. It has live chat, email assistance, and a thorough FAQ page, but it lacks troubleshooting manuals and tutorials, and its live chat isn’t always accessible.


The only difference between the three yearly subscriptions offered by Net Nanny is what and how many devices you may secure. All plans contain all Net Nanny features and enable you to establish an unlimited number of kid profiles.


It’s relatively pricey to start because there aren’t any monthly plans or free trials available. Also available from Net Nanny is a 14-day money-back guarantee.


We do not recommend using this old-fashioned child-monitoring app as this does not support text or email monitoring. This is such a primary feature that all other apps have. You can check with iTechWares to get the best monitoring service.

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