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In a Nutshell

SPYERA is a monitoring software that provides customers access to their children’s emails, media, files, SMS and calls but in case your kids, spouse or partner know they are being monitored. It may ruin your relationship with them, and they might feel that you don’t trust them. Softwares like this often create a false sense of security.


Using the mobile monitoring program SPYERA, you can keep track of your spouse, employees, kids, friends and loved ones. It is a good product with distinct features but has some drawbacks. SPYERA does not have a free trial. To use the app, you have to buy subscription packages.


SPYERA has distinct features that will help keep your kids, family, friends and loved ones safe. Still, you may face some difficulities in understanding all of its features. With software like SPYERA, other malicious software could get installed on the target device, resulting in a massive loss of valuable data.




We all are concerned about our kids, spouse and loved ones, and we always want them to be safe and secure. We want to know what they are doing and how they use social

media. There are several benefits to the SPYERA highlights and some drawbacks too. The main disadvantages of it are:


To run SPYERA on IOS devices such as iPad or iPhones, it must jailbreak the target device to install SPYERA as Apple’s App store prohibits installing apps like SPYERA.


If you want to install SPYERA on the target device, then you need to have the target device physically in your hand until the installation process gets completed.

Why Choose Spyera:

It will not be a good idea to spend on apps like this. Also, you may face difficulties in installing the app as you have to get access to the target device and download it manually, and also, you can’t install the app without getting access to the target device.


To download the SPYERA app on IOS devices, you need to jailbreak it first as the app store does not allow installing apps such as SPYERA. Only after jailbreaking will you be able to record the phone surroundings, monitor media files and read other text messages.

Why Should Not Choose Spyera:

There are many unsatisfied users on the internet. Some users reported that when you log support emails, it takes days, weeks, and even months for them to get a reply, and the response does not even fix the problem.

Also, a single license can only be activated on a single device simultaneously. You need to uninstall and deactivate it first before installing it to a new appliance. You will need a separate license if you want to monitor more than one device simultaneously.

. Many users reported that software does not work when they update their apps.

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Help and Support

  • Help and support number
  • Customer support phone number
  • Email:support@SPYERA.com
  • SPYERA ‘s customer support is not reasonable, and they fail to answer queries.


Although SPYERA offers distinct features, its price is way too high, and there is no guarantee that it will work properly or not. The app offers a subscription of $89 per month for access to all the features for 30 days and $389 for a one-year subscription.


Everything has its limitations, so this app.SPYERA is not a completely reliable app. Also, It has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. It is not ethical to spy on your spouse or partner, but you can use it to keep track of your children for their safety and well-being.

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